A home for kangaroos

Australia: Coober Pedy

The real treasure of this city: Josephine’s Gallery

For decades Mister Kuss is taking care for orphaned kangaroo babies. With love he is raising every single kangaroo.

Mister Kuss with a baby kangaroo.

In Josephine’s Gallery you can also buy some amazing Australian art pieces. More: https://www.facebook.com/JOSEPHINES-GALLERY-KANGAROO-ORPHANAGE-129284050419402/?fref=ts

The home of the most beautiful opals in the world

Coober Pedy

The whole city is crazy about opals. Everywhere in Coober Pedy you will find museums and shops. And the houses of the locals are very different. 70 percent of the 3,500 people are living in the rocks, 30 meters deep. There the temperature is constantly between 21 ans 24 degrees. Outside it coud be 50 degrees hot at day and just 5 degrees at night.

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