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New Zealand: Kauri trees and kiwi birds

Thousand years old trees and kiwi birds

After a two hours car drive in the north of Auckland, you can find the oldest trees of New Zealand – the Kauri trees. It’s also the only place where you can touch a kiwi bird.

The Kauri tree is the biggest timber of New Zealand. The trees can become 3,000 years old and 30 till 50 meters high. The trunk can have a diameter of one till four meters. The bark of the trees is hard as stone. When the European settlers came to New Zealand the Kauri trees were deforested. The timber is perfect for shipbuilding, but also for houses and furniture.

A 800 years old Kauri tree

Today the Kauri tree is protected and just Mauri people are allowed to fell a tree when it is needed for ritual purposes. In the myths of the Mauri people the kauri tree has a very important role.

If you wanna see a Kauri tree, go to Parry Kauri Park in Warkworth:

Be very close to kiwi birds

The Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre is taking care of native birds. When they are healthy again, they go back to nature. Every year 1,300 birds are recovered here. The owners are very engaged and spend everything they have for the center. If you wanna help, you can donate for the project. For 20 New Zealand Dollar a month you can also adopt a kiwi bird. More:

Just here you can touch a kiwi bird

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