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Cambodia: Angor Wat

The highlight of Cambodia

The temple complex of Angor Wat is looking like a film set. The scenery seems a little bit unreal. You can feel peace and serenity everywhere. Although the daily mass of tourists destroys the atmosphere a litte bit.

Angkor Wat

The history of Angor Wat is very complex. But one thing is pretty easy to see: the impressive level of detail of the ornaments. But the buildings in general are not engineered very good. The biggest part of the temples is destroyed and in danger of collapsing. The grey stones seem like a scenery of death. Between them there are a lot of colorful tourists from all over the world. In the morning hundreds of people are waiting for a perfect photo of the sunrise behind Angkor Wat. Romantic is something different. Especially because it’s very hot and humide even in the morning. But Angkor Wat is a must on your bucket list.

Tourist masses in the morning
Stairway: step up and down

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