Not as dirty as I expected

Thailand: Bangkok

The center of culture and party in Southeast Asia

I expected much more skyscrapers and smog in Bangkok. But the city welcomed me with relatively clean air and looked pretty like a typical western city. You can explore history, culture and great bars in the center of Southeast Asia.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the biggest and most beautiful temple complex in Thailand. Everywhere you can see bright shining figures and gold buildings. You can explore detailed decorations and mystical paintings. In 1792 the palace was built for the king. Today it is used just for ritual purposes.


Grand Palace

Experience thy city by boat

You can explore the original Bangkok the best way by boat. You will see where the inhabitants are living, between schools and temples. Rivers and canals are meandering through the city. Locks of traffic connect the different parts. There are a lot of providers, this is one of them:

Boat tour

Enjoy the city while relaxing in a rooftop bar

A lot of rooftop bars entice the people in great levels. Delicious drinks are served, chill out music is provided by DJs and everybody just enjoys the view on the city. A good list of rooftop bars you can find here: Rooftop Bars

View on Bangkok at night

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