The Northern metropole of Vietnam

Vietnam: Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam

Hanoi ist not beautiful. Especially the air is pretty bad. But if you wanna understand the culture of Vietnam, you should not miss this city during your trip in Vietnam.

Rare: nature in the middle of the city

The capital of Vietnam has 6.5 million inhabitants and it’s the second biggest city behind Ho-Chi-Minh-City. You can explore markets. With all the bars and clubs Hanoi seems like a western city and not like the center of communism. But you should not stay longer than three days. The air is pretty bad. I constantly wanted to have oxygen. If you wanna explore the city, the morning is the best time. I had a run around the Lake Hoan-Kiem very early. Then you can see people doing yoga or pilates. The inhabitants protect their lungs with respirators. Visit Hanoi before you go further to Ha Long Bay. There is one thing you should try in Hanoi: the soup called Pho bo. You can buy it everywhere. I prefer it with beef.

Morning workout

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