Millions of people and motorbikes

Vietnam: Saigon

Crowded places and countless motorbikes

Saigon – also known as Ho-Chi-Minh-City – is a typical big city in Southeast Asia: crowded, loud and dirty. You have to look for great places. Like a little tea house.

Motorbikes everywhere

Like Hanoi I don’t really like the big cities in Vietnam. It’s crowded, too loud, too dirty and the air is really bad. But I have one recommendation: If you like tea, you will love the tea house Hatvala in the middle of the city. Take time to this place. The young owner will tell you a lot about tea plantations in the north of Vietnam, where she buys the tea for the shop. She explains why every tea needs its own water temperature. And you will get a free second or third infusion of your tea. More information and the online shop you will find here:

Great Tea House: Hatvala

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