Sri Lanka

An island for everyone

Sri Lanka is a jewel in the Indian Ocean. The island fulfills every wish and it’s just a short hop to the Maledives.


Sri Lanka is the perfect spot for everyone who is looking for variety. In just a few minutes you can drive from the ocean to a tea tasting or to a trip into the rain forest, you can visit Buddhist temples or snake farms. I explored the south of the island and I really love the island and its people. A lot of travelers also book a private driver to explore the island individually. It’s pretty cheap and affordable for everyone. And if you need some days in a postcard paradise, there a cheap flights from Colombo to the Maldives. I recommend to stay a few days there for snorkeling. If you wanna read more about the Maldives:

Buddhist temple

Surf paradise

Because of the different coasts you can surf here the whole year. The advantage: The water is always warm, no wetsuit needed! There are also waves for every surf level. In the past years a lot of surf camps were founded, most of them are located directly on the beach. A lot of camps also offer yoga classes. My recommendation:

Surfing spot
Great beaches everywhere

Animals: leopards and elephants

Yala National Park is located in the southeast of the island. With a jeep you can explore the park and its animals. You can watch elephants, crocodiles, bears and a lot of different birds. With a little bit of luck you can see one of the shy leopards. By the way: It’s said that if you can spot an elephant with tusks, you will have a lot of luck in the future.

An elephant in the Yala National Park

Paradise for tea lovers

Sri Lanka is the home of Ceylon Tea. Because of the former British colonization still today there is a distinct tea culture and the country has wonderful tea plantations. Everywhere you can taste tea and there are tastings with a lot of different kinds: White Tea, Green Tea or diverse types of Black Tea. Black Tea is served with milk and sugar and sometimes seasoned with great Ceylon Cinnamon.

Tea tasting

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