Peru: Machu Picchu

Tourist attraction Machu Picchu

The famous ruin of the Incas is the most important sign of Peru. But unfortunately it’s very crowded. If you wanna enjoy this mystical place you have to hike to the Sun Gate.

Machu Picchu

If you wanna see Machu Picchu during the sunrise you have to get up very early. At five o’clock in the morning there are waiting dozen of people on the bus station of Aguas Calientes. I arrive at half past five and have to wait an hour for the bus. But it’s better than to go by foot. After a 20 minutes bus ride you arrive at the entrance of the Inca monument, Important: Use the toilet before you enter Machu Picchu. Inside there is no single toilet and you can reenter the site just one time.

When I was visiting the site it’s cloudless and sunny. Perfect conditions for taking great photos. But the amount of visitors is a big challenge for me. Especially after hiking the Salkantay Trek, where I just saw a few other people in three days. In Machu Picchu there is no hiking mood. Instead of hiking sticks you will see selfie sticks. You have to walk in a queue when you visit the ruins. My recommendation: Hike to the Sunset Gate. Plan minimum two hours for the hike. It’s very steep but the view on Machu Picchu is amazing.

View on the Sun Gate
Machu Picchu
Living area of the Inca site
The terraces of the site
Lamas are living in the ruins

Your visit in Machu Picchu will cost a lot of money. For the bus and the entrance fee you have to calculate 150 US Dollar. I recommend to combine your visit with a hike on the Salkantay Trek. More:

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