Granite rocks and giant tortoises

The Seychelles are no destination for people looking for a cheap trip or for backpackers who are looking for adventure and wilderness. But the islands between Madagascar and Maldives offer beautiful beaches and diversity. Without mass tourism.

Even there is not a lot of space for individual traveling, you can explore a lot of things. Best way is to travel to different islands. Take a boat or a ferry and go to the neighbor islands. You don’t need island hopping. Stay in one hotel and plan day trips to the other islands. That saves money and time. Transportation between the island can be very time consuming. I stayed eight days on Praslin and did some boat excursions. Here are my dos and don’ts for a trip to Seychelles.

Dos: Recommendations

View from the water: Paradise Sun Hotel

1.Spend money for a good hotel with a beautiful beach. My recommendation: Paradise Sun Hotel

2. Do some boat excursions to other islands. My favorites: Curieuse Island (here are the giant tortoises) and La Digue.

3. Go snorkeling: The underwater world is not as impressive as on the Maldives. But you can watch sea turtles, small sharks and rays. My favorite places for snorkeling: St. Pierre and Coco Island.

4. Try the food: Creole food ist delicious and good for the stomach. Because of the French background the dishes are never too spicy or too exotic. Bat-curry is maybe the only food you hesitate to try. But at the end it tastes very common.

5. Takamaka Rum: The rum of the Seychelles is delicious. Best way to enjoy: with fresh coconut water directly on the beach.

Don’ts: These things you don’t have to try

Anse Source d’Argent/La Digue: Beautiful beach, but too many people

1. All inclusive hotels: There are not a lot of hotels with all-inclusive options. And you don’t need it. During the day you will spend your time with snorkeling or exploring other islands.

2. Don’t visit just Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue. The beach is nice and famous as a film scenery. But it’s also full of tourists. My recommendation: Visit the Beach Grand Anse on the other side of the island. Beautiful granite rocks and some blue waves.

3. Praslin: Anse Lazio. Too many tourists. No good snorkeling. And an expensive restaurant without any flair. The worst: There are some giant tortoises living in a small enclosure. That’s very sad.

4. Private excursions: It’s very expensive and there are so many offers you can book. My recommendation: Ask directly in the hotel. It’s often cheaper than booking with the tour operator.

5. Money change: If you are living in the Euro-zone you can pay nearly everywhere with Euros. Without disadvantages.

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