About this blog

The beginning of this blog…

Everyone who wanna go to travel always have the same questions: where I wanna go, what are hidden places, when is the best time to go. With this blog I wanna share my experiences.


My travel style

I travel to explore the diversity of the world and to relax body and soul. I am not a typical low budget traveler. I like to travel authentic, but also comfortable. That’s why I like to mix up camping and nice hotels for example. Important for me are sustainable concepts. I travel really acitve. Surfing, hiking, biking or climbing is part of every journey. Especially surfing is really important for me. But I also take time for relaxing, good food and nice drinks.


What you will find here

A personal collection of my journeys and experiences.


What you will NOT find here

Selfie-galleries or paid content. My blog tries to be very authentic.